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Many people think and have been told that they are tone deaf but it’s NOT TRUE!

It is incredibly rare and effects only 3% of the world population -over 7 billion people! The ear can be taught
to match pitch and with good technique your voice can have more power, strength and endurance.


  • You think you CAN’T sing
  • You use to sing, stopped and want to start again
  • You want to perform but need to find the confidence



No matter what style you sing – jazz, blues, country, rock, classical or gospel and whether you’re singing on Broadway, auditioning for The Voice ®, looking for a record deal, singing in a choir or simply having fun singing Karaoke with friends – this program WILL WORK for you! You will receive 6 Video Lessons and 10 audio downloads with fun vocal exercises, singing tips, a workbook, and a vocal health kit that will help you understand the techniques in the training.

These fun and powerful Yes, You CAN Sing Vocal Workout videos and audio downloads provide easy-to-understand, step by step instruction and exercises to strengthen and empower your voice! For the beginner or professional, these 10 vocal exercises include singing tips and tools to free your voice on the go! Download and warm up in only 10 MINUTES A DAY!

  • Extend Vocal Range
  • Strengthen your tone
  • Work through the “break” in the passagio
  • Sing with Vibrato or straight tone
  • Have more control
  • Learn how to “belt” or use falsetto
  • Enjoy singing!

More About Orgena Rose..

Dear Singer,
Why should you join YES! You CAN Sing?

Although I have had an amazing career as a professional singer and songwriter appearing on Broadway, Carnegie Hall, Oprah, the Today Show, Rosie, the Tony Awards and PBS in addition to touring internationally in jazz bands, rock bands, gospel choirs and more, I was told I couldn’t sing! Yes, when I was younger I was told I couldn’t sing by a choir teacher. It was devastating and could have crushed my dreams but I didn’t accept that. I didn’t agree with her judgement of my voice!

I went on to attend the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA and on to Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ majoring in vocal performance and pedagogy to learn all I could about the voice and singing.

I also had music inside of me and wanted to be able to share it with the world but didn’t know how and didn’t want to wait to “get discovered.” So I learned about how to do that too, started my own record label and released my own music and helping other artists to do it also.

It breaks my heart to see singers struggling or giving up their dream of singing or recording because they have been told they can’t sing or think their voice isn’t good enough. It’s just a matter of learning how.

So, from all I’ve learned and experienced over the years, I’ve pulled together a proven, step by step system to strengthen your voice, expand your range and have you singing better with more confidence in only 10 minutes a day!

This revolutionary system includes my signature Rose Voice Method and The entire training is available to you online which means you can access it from anywhere, including your mobile device. Now you can train anytime, anywhere! Click here to get immediate lifetime access!

See you on the inside!

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